Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy South Korea Independence Day

So today we had off and oh did I have a fun filled day of crazyness.
We were told by Mr Kim that he would pick us up around 9 to move us over to our apartments. Well I didn't set an alarm because I felt that I naturally wake up around 7:30am not a problem. Well I did wake up around 7:30, looked at the clock and thought I would snooze a couple more minutes. Well the next time I woke up it was from Joel knocking at my door, ten minutes to 9am. Well I never packed so fast in my life.
All in all, I got everything together and got into my new apartment. And it was super dirty! Yeah, major war with dust bunnies happened today!
I moved things from the wall and swept up about a half a small trash can worth of dust and grime. When I got to the bathroom.... uh well you see in the next picture, and that that was after I already started scrubbing.

I won't be surprised if I have tennis elbow tomorrow.
So here is my cleaned and newly organized apartment, it has cool wall art and everything. And it is clean :)

About halfway through the cleaning though I decided to go and find the church in my town. I had the address written down and had partial directions on where it would be relative to my apartment. So like Nephi I set out not knowing exactly where I was going. I actually got pretty close, but I went down the wrong street or went one street too far. In short I got lost in some crossroads and resigned myself to use my two words of Korean and ask for directions. The first lady just shook her head and walked away. Not dismayed (I have served a mission) I asked the next lady to pass and I thought she would just point me in a direction but the lady grabbed my arm and escorted me down the road. She stopped multiple people to ask for directions herself and she even called somebody on her phone. We finally stopped in front of a small restaurant and asked the owner where the address was I had in my book. After speaking with him and a few teenagers who new a little English but not enough to help, the lady grabbed my arm again and walked me down two other streets. In the end we got to the church building. I was very excited to find it and the lady was confused because it wasn't open. I thanked her a lot and she stalked away.

Here is a picture of her stalking away, she is the one in the center. Well that was at least very entertaining.

So I got home after that and finished cleaning and yeah that was my super awesome day. There were a lot of flags out because of the holiday.

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