Friday, March 15, 2013

Farewell to my students!

Okay so I realize it has been a while since I've left South Korea but I'm going to post these photos of my students and any other photos I find that relate. Cause I can, the next two weeks of posts will be a catch-up of what I did on my Vacation in Japan. Hopefully I can remember everything. Well lets first start with my students:

This is my Jump Advanced class (first hour),
Cayla (Brigette), Helen, Bella (Sophie), Patrick, Tom, John

  They were super awesome kids with very divers personalities.
 Then here is my GB (Glide Beginner) class: Paul, Sun, Lisa(in back hiding), Chalie (nope didn't spell it wrong, in blue coat), Suzan Esther 1, Esther 2
 This is my JA class, second hour:
Back: Olivia, Jelly, Nicole, Jessi-ca, John
Front: Alice and Brian
Kinda a roudy bunch but lots of fun

 And Last but not least my GA (Glide Advance), these were the students I could talk naturally with
John, Rebelious Solomon, Shawn, Amy, Suzan, Stella, Esther
 This was the page from my very last class that I taught and of course the students couldn't let me go without a great story. 
So, I was asking each one of the students these questions and depending on their answers I would let them play a game at the end of class. Well most of them gave me the generic answer of America or Jeju-do. Until I got to a student named June, he answered he wanted to go to Hawaii. I said okay, well what is this place famous for? He answered 'Honeymoons'
I said okay, then I asked the next question as to why he wanted to go.... he said he wanted to go there for his honeymoon. Then dutifully I asked the last question, What do you want to do there?
He had this big grin on his face and motioned for me to connect the dots. I started busting up laughing at that point and the other students who hadn't gotten the underlying message just looked around in confusion. Oh I am going to miss those students.
So since it was my last week I went out with my friends, with my Korean friends I went out and had san-gip-sa (Korean Barbeque, my favorite).
 Then I left Thursday early around 8pm to get up to Seoul and meet my friend Jackie. We went out and played around town for my last day in Korea, even going out to an American breakfast restaurant.
Then I bordered a train to get to the airport where I flew to Japan! Jackie escorted me the whole way and it was a good thing she did cause I think I might have gotten lost.

It was such a great year, with all the students and friends that I made in Korea! I'm glad I'm heading home but I will miss many things about Korea.