Friday, September 20, 2013

Update for the past few months and so on....

I feel like I have been neglecting this blog and in truth I have been.

That does not mean that I'm dead or haven't had any adventures lately, quite untrue on both accounts. I, first of all, am very much alive and that is the thing; I am very much busy.

On the account of adventures, since Korea, I have been to Japan:

 Washington DC:

the museum of Clean in Pocatello:

 Utah, California(2x) (the last three within a week of each other).

My brother even got married!

And it doesn't stop there, I am at the moment trying to get a scholarship to a highly regarded animation school in Vancouver Canada. I've already been accepted, I just have to go now. But the tuition is insane, and not possible.

Next week I am going to Disneyland's Halloween party, they start early. And going to dress up as supergirl with the rest of my superhero family. it is going to be amazing!

Yeah, sorry for not posting as often as I did before, I still have adventures but at the moment they're not as often as Korea.

Everyday is an adventure