Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vancouver-Banf and crazy stuff

So I realize I haven't written in a while and even though I have updated my art blog; it isn't the same as my adventuring blog. So here goes...

 Welcome to Vancouver, It is a beautiful city. That rains a lot, like the fist few weeks I was here... non stop rain. But it was green and after those few weeks of rain, spring came and I was pleasantly surprised with the major Cherry Blossom population that surrounded me. My whole block was lined with these amazing trees:
wow, Cherry Blossoms galore!!!


 Then the rain came again but I'm getting used to it and it actually is quite fun to use my umbrella. That and the other day I was walking down the street and came upon this sight:
 It was raining, of course, and all these pigeons claimed this bench, all clumped together and huddled against the elements. It was very cool!

Then the sun came out, after a couple of months, and for once I didn't have a disgustingly large amount of homework that I normally have. So I went to explore a bit of Vancouver, Stanley park to be more specific. I had the whole week off and I was gearing up for adventure and sun!
This was along the path to the indian rock we were checking out. There was this guy who would balance these rocks without glue or anything. It was super impressive. My roommates and I went to Siwash Rock, a famous rock that is suppose to symbolize a fallen warrior or something. Eh, it was a rock along the beach and we got to watch the tide go out and there were tide pools. We saw startfish and fish and crabs. It was so fun and I hadn't had a chance to get away from the computer for a while so it was much needed.
 The next day, I had a plan to go to a suspension bridge, fairly famous in Vancouver and I would get to ride on the SeaBus. Then I got a call from my mom. Turns out that my parents were going to be in Canada for the next four days and wanted me to join them. Dad was having a foot-doctor's seminar in Banf, and that meant beautiful hotel and star quality fun. So how could I say no, that and I love my parents and I had a car.

It was only a ten hour drive to Banf, and through the most dangerous high way in Canada, I didn't know that at the time but I agreed and grabbed my Roommate Jenifer and dropped all other plans to head to Banf.

 The road there was gorgeous, the weather was agreeable and quite pleasant, and the scenery was amazing. We were surrounded by mountains and every few miles there was a cascade of waterfalls.

Then we got to Banf, it was 60 degrees and beautiful, we miraculously found my parents (their phones turned off on them) and had a pleasant evening. Then the next day, I was given a surprise:

It snowed all weekend, And it was mounds of snow, I didn't have snow tires and all I could think is if the roads would allow me to get back to Vancouver.
Besides the weather, the weekend was very pleasant, the hotel was built after a Scottish Castle and we had a pleasant time going to shops that we had no possible way of affording even on Bear Skinned coat. It was very pleasant.
On the way back, we passed a recent avalanche, there were trees sticking out and the snow was right up next to the road with road crews still shoveling out areas. Crazy, and that wasn't the last avalanche area we passed. Practically the whole way was avalanche zone. But we made it back alive and was greeted to Vancouver with torrents of rain.

So now I am super busy with school, my basic day starts with me leaving home by 7:45am and not returning till 10 or 11pm. That is quite normal right now, but I love the work and I couldn't be happier.

I will try to post new entries each week but we'll see how it turns out.

Adventure is Out there !!!