Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tues, Wed, Thurs

So I said that I would start posting only once a week right. I figured Thursdays are good days to post. Though, I might post on different days according to my leisure or if I'm really really bored or just want to laugh/complain about something.
I actually got through a full week!!! well after friday I will have gotten through a full week.
So, update, because that other teacher quit, I picked up another class. So now I teach 23 classes per week, that still isn't as bad as some of my coworkers. One of the other teachers has 27 classes. The reason I only have 23 is because one of my classes got cancelled and I would have seen that class three times a week, so I would have had 26. Oh well I am happy for more breaks.
I feel like I am still in one of my classes and I am saying all of this in a slow mechanical way. So sorry if this post sounds strange.
The classes themselves are straight forward, I teach from a book and the subjects vary from listening, reading, writing, and speaking. I think I like the speaking the best because I get to interact with the students the most. Writing class is easy but boring. All I do is tell them when to go onto the next section.
I've turned a little mean at some of the classes though, I didn't think I was being too bad until one of the other teachers said he overheard me yelling. He also said that he wouldn't want my class because he knows that group and he knows they do not stay on task and often get chatty. I feel like I have pretty good control of most of my classes and a few of them I am excited to work with. It gets harder in the evening though because as I get tired I get a bit impatient and cranky. Oh those poor students who have to deal with me. And I am not all against being labeled the 'mean teacher' as long as the students do their work and stay on task. (If they would do just that, I would be nice)
I think the most stressful moment I had was when in one of my classes I held up the workbook, and all the students had a different workbook then mine. So during class I quickly went to the office and found the right one and basically winged the lesson. Everything worked out in the end.
That is it for tonight. I'll probably write more this weekend :)

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