Saturday, March 10, 2012


I climbed a mountain today!!
I went with my buddy Joel and we took a bus out over to haepsongdong which is a little north of Masan. There we met up with a girl named Alison who I contacted about a week ago about hiking trails. She knew a good trail and so we met her over in her side of the city. It was an awesome hike and so randomly placed. There are just trails going off into the mountains everywhere in random places too. The hike was great, fairly steep at times but totally relaxed compared to any of uncle Stan's hikes. I am still going to feel the effects of it in the morning. heck, I'm feeling it now. Hear are some awesome pics and a video :)
This was where we came off the trail, just some random stairs off the road

After we got off the mountain we all went out to eat together and Alison was a sweetheart and treated us. When we got back into our part of town I quickly got changed into a skirt and speed walked to church. This weekend was stake conference. The Stake president was from Japan, so they were doing translation into Japanese but we had one of the English missionaries translate for us. I say 'us' because there was a guy there too who works in the shipping industry. After the meeting I was walking back home and ran into the French family and they invited me over to dinner tomorrow. I am super excited!
Today overall was an awesome ride!

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  1. That looks so pretty! Thanks for putting up the video! Loved it! I can't believe your buddies with a French family! I look forward to your next post and it better be tomorrow to tell us all about your dinner with your new friends!