Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crazy Thursday

Oh where to begin?
Well this morning was fun mainly because I got to speak to my mom and aunt Leesa. While I was doing that I heard a weird noise coming from my window and I look over and see this:

Just a reminder I'm on the eleventh floor, it came as a shock and Aunt Leesa and mom were just cracking up. No worries though the guy was just calking the windows and I'm happy I was kinda decent.

Another reason today was really crazy was we started the achievement tests. Which just means more work and unnecessary stress. Actually it wasn't that bad, I got through most of the tests and except for my last one I was late on so I was trying to speed up the last student. How the test is set up I just listen to the student and find out if they are at a certain level, they don't actually have to answer all the questions. Well because I went quick with one of the students, his parent who randomly decided to come to class today got mad and this gave Director Lee a reason to pull me aside and tell me to give more questions to that student. Fine! I'll let the student have a longer test he'll get the same score he was originally going to get, but whatever! It made no sense, but I did get out of teaching my last class and yeah I get to do this all over again but this time with more students. Joy...
The good news is that I cooked my own fish today and it was tasty and I feel like some kind of an accomplished cook even if the meal wasn't even close to be balanced. I like protein and burnt stuff. It is balanced to me because the protein is heavy and the burnt stuff is light therefore it is balanced. My logic is undeniable. :)
Now I will show you a couple of examples of how Koreans can't park or at least there are no rules here about parking so people park anywhere they please. And all we can do is laugh.

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