Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sick Days are here to stay

Guess what I'm sick....again. Gosh I am sick of being sick. This time around though I think I will get past it a little quicker. But that is not the reason I'm posting today. The real reason is that I had the most awesome saturday this last saturday!
I had been invited by one of my member friends to go with her to Geoungju. This was the ancient capitol of Korea. It was pretty awesome, but lets start at the beginning of the day.
When I was first invited my friend said that we were going to spend the night in Geounju and so we would not be able to go to church on Sunday. This made me sad and I've been plotting on how to get to church the week before we left. Well the day of the trip came along and I had this weird dream the night before telling me that the trip had been cancelled. So when I woke up in the morning I naturally thought the trip was cancelled, then I got a call from my friend and she said that the trip was still on but she had cancelled the condo that we would stay at so that we were coming home at night. This meant that I was good to go to church the next day which made me happy but this also meant that I was late in meeting her. So I told her I would be at our meeting place in thirty minutes (20 minutes past the time we were originally going to meet). Everything turned out okay though and we caught our bus just fine.
The bus to Geoungju was about two hours and I spent half of that sleeping. It was cool to see the countryside and everything. When we arrived at Geoungju we caught a cab and went to a free museum, this museum focused on the Silla empire and the ancient age of the Koreans. It was cool to see all the old artifacts and also at the end of the tour there was a stamp that you could stamp your brochure saying that you've been there. I stamped my sketchbook cause it was cooler that way :)
Here are some pics of the museum:

After the Museum we went to a Buddhist temple, it was gorgeous. All the buildings were painted and it had some pretty cool monuments. My friends name is Jeonmin Lee, she and her brother were my tour guides/photographer. It was a great trip! Here are some of the photos of the temple:

After we explored the temple grounds for a bit we decided to go and see the tombs of the great kings. They were buried in gigantic mounds of dirt, you can see them in the following photos in the background:

After we saw the tombs we caught a bus home and that is when I started feeling weird, I kept coughing but for no reason really. And the next day I had a fever. Blah I hate being sick, I think the reason is because I was outside all day long on Saturday and it was windy! Like Rexburg windy. I think I am going to just take it easy for the rest of the week.

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  1. Coolest post yet! That's neat that you have people that already know a bunch of people that can take you around to look at cool stuff. I'm so excited for your next post!