Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week 3

Wow can you believe I've been here for a whole three weeks!?!
Well I can't, it strangely feels longer. As though I've been here like almost a month :) (I hope everyone caught that joke)
Anyways, this was a good week, I've been having residual effects from being sick but everyday I am getting more energy and becoming more productive. I am actually going to post to illustration friday, so expect a post in my art blog :)
The biggest change for this week is that I started a 'study group' with a college student. His name is Carter and he came up to me last sunday and asked if I would tutor him in English. Tutoring is illegal for me, if I was caught I could be sent home and yeah deported. So I told him that I can't but instead what we could do is I will help him with his english and he will teach me Korean in exchange. He wanted to pay me but that would cross into that illegal area. So I figure it is a fair trade. So we meet twice a week and right now I am learning the alphabet. I am catching on pretty quick which makes me happy. I find the whole situation funny, though.

Okay I now want to take this time and complain about the atrocities that are the cars here and those terrible drivers who are blind to all around them. I am surprised that no-one has been killed in front of me yet. First off, if you are a pedestrian here you do not have the right of way. Those cars will mow you down so fast it is scary. And if you think that if you have a 'green man' telling you can go, I would still check both ways before venturing out. I was almost taken out halfway through the intersection by some psycho who didn't pay attention to their lights. It is a nightmare and enough to give you anxiety attacks just for putting a foot on the road. Actually even if you are on the sidewalk I would still be paying attention to the cars around you. The other day I was walking down the sidewalk minding my own business when a car pops the curb and starts driving straight towards me. This place is crazy!!! Another thing, because there is no lines for parking, everyone just parks where they darn well please. This results in cars all over the place and on corners and you never know which car is waiting for a light or parked. So if I die here more then likely it is a result from a automotive accident. I hope not though, that would suck. And don't get me started on mopeds.

This was a get well gift from my coworkers, my first sushi experience :)

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