Sunday, March 4, 2012


Awesome Sunday even if it did rain all day long.
This morning, I walked to the church building which took about twenty minutes, my skirt kept riding up (it was very annoying and everyone kept giving me weird looks). But when I got there I have to say I surprised the Elders when I walked through the door. The Bishop was standing there too so I was able to meet him as well. I introduced myself and the elders translated for me which was nice and then the elders were able to sit next to me in Sacrament meeting and translate for me as well. Yay! The bishop even announced that I was there and that I was from Washington DC, oops, I spent the rest of the day trying to explain this wasn't true.
Guess what! There is a french lady at my church. She also was super excited to meet me and find out that I spoke french. She is from la Reunion, it is a French island off the coast of Madagascar. She served her mission in Hong Kong and somehow ended up in Korea where she met her husband and she has two kids. I think we are going to be great friends.
The other meetings went just fine, everyone was very nice and there were people always around to tell me what scripture we were in. Still can't read Hangul. They made me stand up in Relief Society and introduce myself. I think the funniest thing happened was when I took off my jacket and only had a t-shirt on, they were all like 'aren't you cold!' The heater was right next to me so no, not even close to being cold.
I walked home with a girl named lee juennin. We exchanged numbers and she wants to hang out more, I'm totally up for it. I like friends.
I napped and read for the rest of the day but I was visited by some missionaries from another church trying to tell me about the Lord God Mother. I told them I didn't want to waste their time. Their English wasn't too terrible, I might invite them in one day or give them a pass along card.
that is all for today :)

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