Monday, March 5, 2012


I finally feel like I can deal with this.
I had my first full day of real teaching, and it was a breeze and a half. I had five classes today, three were the younger kids and the other two were high school age. The younger kids were rowdy but at least they were into the lesson. While when I was with the older kids, I felt like I was dragging every answer out of them. They were very non responsive, they other teachers just told me to get used to it and continue teaching. I just want them interested in the subject, is all.
I was able to quickly set up a lesson plan and make-up some homework for the kids. Along with a quick meeting with the boss and my day went fast.
One crazy thing was one of the other teachers just up and quit today because she was getting too stressed with work and studies (she is apparently getting her masters degree). It came as a shock to all of us. When I spoke with one of the other English teachers he said it was normal for many of the other teachers to just quite or get better jobs. I find that slightly a concern. But I was again assured by the other English teacher that it was normal and what else can I do really.

I still feel pretty good about all this though, I'm excited for the weekend. I contacted one of the other English teachers in Masan and we are going to go hiking together. I am also excited to get to know the rest of my classes; oh and it is raining again.
okay goodnight everyone :)

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