Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sick Days

So you guessed it, I am sick and let me tell you being sick in Korea is not fun. If you don't want to know every gory detail skip this paragraph. It started on sunday, I had a scratchy throat. I knew that it would turn into a cold but I didn't realize how severe it would end up. Monday rolled around and I definitely had a cold and was starting to feel like I had a fever too. I forced myself to go to work though because I knew that monday was one of my heavier days and I didn't know how to call in sick. Well I got through most of the day and near the end my throat was giving out and I just wanted to pass out. I hoped that it would blow over the next day after a good nights sleep. No, not even close. The thing came back with a vengence. I was feverish, chilled, head ached, coughing, soar throat, and exhausted. I was trying to force myself to go to school but alas my body wouldn't move. So I called into avalon(my school) and talk to Director Lee. She didn't recognize my voice at first but in the end she informed me that in order for me to take the day off I needed to come into the school and she would take me to the doctor. That was annoying and it took a while to get moving.
The doctor visit was fine, it went like most doctor visits, even though it was slightly unnecessary. At the end of it they gave me a the butt. It actually wasn't that bad, what was funny though was that in my confusion I thought she wanted me to strip down completely so I already had my pants down when the poor lady tried to stop me and told me that she only wanted me to slightly pull them down, enough to expose skin. I'm sorry but the only foreign medicine I am familiar with is french and in France you kinda strip when told to even when it is not necessary. Anyways we went to the pharmacy and they gave me enough drugs to sedate an elephant.
I went to work wenesday even though I had a pretty bad fever. I survived the day but barely, during that last class I was sitting and just barely holding on.
Last night I decided to not take the mass of pills that the crazy pharmacy people gave me and instead took a couple of ibuprofen, drugs that I know and trust. And guess what, this morning I am finally feeling better. Go figure.
For those you who want to know about the french dinner I had on sunday. It was great, I spoke french with the little kids. The elders brought a investigator who was not at all shy about saying how he wants to learn english and marry an american girl. He also said he was like seventy or something, he didn't look that old but he was older and kinda creepy. So I focused on the kids and was um decent towards him. With the kids, it was so fun, the little girl kept petting my face and telling me how beautiful my face was. I thought it was funny. The meal was really good too. The father asked me if the food was good because he hasn't had any other french food to compare it to. I assured him that it was great.
At the end of the meal, I was escorted home by one of the members that was at the dinner. He invited me to one of the single activities. I don't know how well I'll do without knowing the language. But we will find out.
okay picture time :)
this is my desk at school
Here is the alley I go down to get to school
This is my school

This is the street that I live on

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  1. Hi Cindil I am loving your blog! What an adventure you have had. Your blog's crack me up. Yep I laugh right out loud at work. Latest chuckle was the one abut the pharmacy giving you enough drugs to knock out an elephant. youre funny! So glad you are feeling better and making friends and experienceing the culture. must admit it makes me jelous! love you!