Thursday, April 5, 2012

Month and a half already!

Whelp, things are still confusing here and life is getting in order though there is still chaos. But I am still enjoying myself especially since all I do is laugh when there are more problems then solutions. Or when there is no solution, you just got to continue forward.
Well I hope everyone enjoyed Conference! Last weekend, I had normal church because the Koreans wait a week so that they session can be translated and they can watch it at normal times. I think the Sunday session aired at like midnight or one o'clock in the morning. Well I wasn't going to wait a week so I watched it on the internet but now I don't think I am going to church to watch it because I've already seen it. Oh well I will have my own Easter egg hunt and eat chocolate too. Anyways I love conference and it was nice watching it at home.
This last Saturday I went on a gigantic hike up a mountain. This hike was equivalent to a 'Stan hike'. I didn't know what I was getting myself into either. I thought it would be like the other hike I went on. Nope, The first mile was climbing rocks and at a definite slant, then the next mile was stairs, but it leveled out at the top. I had to stop a couple times and catch my breath. The guy I was with just made fun of me the whole way and gave me a hard time. I guess that was good because it in a way encouraged me to keep going and I did end up making it to the top. The way down was a lot easier and a little fun. I felt like I was a mountain goat jumping from rock to rock. The rest of the day, I had dinner and went to a movie without thinking of the consequences of my actions going up the mountain. Yeah I was hurting but I thought it would be gone by the next day., I woke up the next day with the feeling as though I had just had two charlie horses in my calves and my ankles refused to move and if I did move them they gave me enough pain to communicate their hatred of me. I tried to talk myself up, saying that maybe if I relaxed that day it would be better the next. No that feeling of cramped and stressed muscles lasted the next four days. And I still limp as I get out of bed in the morning. Wow I am out of shape. I can't wait to take some friends on that hike :) Here are some Pictures:

Anyways, here is something for you all to look forward to: There is a big cherry blossom festival this weekend and I'm going to it. So yeah, be jeolous and look forward to a lot of pics. Speaking of pictures, I want to share with you my funny story of the week. It has been massively windy here in Masan, like the equivalent to Rexburg. Not fun, but I can deal. Well on the way to school I always cut through a parking lot and normally this parking lot has a big sign at one of the corners of it. Well the wind was strong enough to blow that sign over and some unfortunate person was unlucky enough to park their car in the wrong spot. Naturally I took a picture.

I enjoyed sharing that story with my students. :)

So I hope you all are doing well and I will see you all next week.

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