Thursday, April 19, 2012

Busan or Bust

Sorry if I'm a day late but things happen or I'm just lazy, sometimes.
So my big adventure this last weekend or week was Busan. Originally I was not planning on going but it just turned out that way and I'm kinda happy about it.

At first my plan was to go to this Fortress with James (another English buddy) but he told me to meet him at the bus terminal. I thought he meant the big bus stop down another street so I went there. Yeah it wasn't the right spot; I kept walking around Dekkori (main bus stop/ city area) but I could not find the bus terminal. I did find an art store on the way and figuring I missed the bus already I did some quick shopping. I went back home at that point and found his number on facebook and called him. Of course he already left, so I figured I would just paint the rest of the day.
I got a call from another friend about an hour later and he invited me to go with the group to Busan. Well why not, it was a beautiful day and what else did I HAVE to do. So I met the David on the corner(we call it the corner because it is the middle point between our apartment buildings). And He showed me where the bus terminal was, I had gone the opposite direction during the morning.
Busan is about an hour away by bus and the whole way the boys were playing with their new iphones. They said that their plan was going to go to a baseball game and getting drunk. My two most favorite things in the world. I passed and I went to the largest Department Store in Korea instead. It is called Sengetsa Department Store and it was huge.
Joel also opted out of the game and came with me to the store. The metro took us directly underneath Sengetsa, and the first sight you saw when you got off is a big fountain with Greek statues and everything.

This is where Joel and I messed up. Their were two entryways one to Sengetsa and the other was another department store called Lottemart. We went to the wrong one thinking it was Sengetsa. It was big but we were not impressed because we expected more. When we finally explored the store for a while we went outside to see what was around it. That is when we discovered the entryway to Sengetsa and we were like 'Oh, that is it'.
The place was huge, it was like a mall but with ten floors and hallways galore. It wasn't a mall though, it was a department store and it was gigantic. It even had a ice rink on one of the floors. My favorite part was the 7th floor was like a geeks paradise. It had some pretty good electronics but then it had a whole wall of just Studio Ghibli stuff. I was so happy and I finally splurged on something. I was so happy, and thankfully Joel knew Studio Ghibli so he understood my obsession and he also bought a couple things.

We also snuck up to the roof and discovered a gigantic grass field and a gorgeous view. I took lots of pics of that and I even just laid down on the grass. I miss grass. It was awesome.

Around nine we called it good and went back home to Masan. It is nice now I know how to get to Busan I can go anytime I want.

Another good news and something that makes me a little nervous, on Sunday the Bishop asked me to meet him in his office. You guessed it I got a calling. He first asked me what I thought I would be able to do, I didn't know what to say to that. I told him some of my former callings and I'm not sure he understood any of them. Then he told me the calling he wanted me to be in and I was like sure of course and inside all I could think was 'how'. Well I haven't been called yet so you have to wait till next week to find out what it is :)
Okay Love you all ~ Have a good weekend

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  1. What! I have to wait until next week to find our your calling! Tell us now or at least on Sunday after church!