Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So today was kinda scary and involved needles ☹!!!!
I don’t know if I mentioned yesterday but the day before when we were about to leave the school the assistant (Molly, all the Koreans have English names too) ran and quickly told us that we had to have our health test tomorrow. Well this being tomorrow we had our health test, the one I needed to not take any drugs (like pain killers) for so I wont get sent home. It went well, you know pee in a cup, look this way, strip your shirt to get a chest ex-ray and allow some acupuncture-high nurse take your blood. The chest ex-ray was actually a lot nicer then the one I had to get in France, here they gave you a shirt to wear over your nakedness, in France you bore it all proudly. Anyways, it all went very fast and you only had a sore arm the rest of the day.

The health check didn’t leave us with a lot of time in the morning so we had a quick lunch and headed to school. Again I spent the day trying to figure out the system and the classes. I just decided to take the books home since we have the next day off and plan everything out. I didn’t have a desk yet since the girl I’m replacing was still here. At one point I was invited to one of the going away parties, that was super sweet and I got to meet the kids. At the end of the day I stepped in for one of the teachers who needed to go prepare a room for the closing activities. I gave a test and took role and allowed the students time to prepare for their presentations. Quite exciting, it was only prep though nothing big. Then I led the class to the next room where they presented their presentation to the whole school. (Which is about 30-40 kids).

After school I went straight home and went to bed after reading for a while. Nothing exciting but I do get to move into my apartment tomorrow!

Markets often have tanks with live fish outside their shops or booths, I find it hilarious and sorta morbid. Also this is Joel, the other teacher starting at the same time I did.

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