Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I think that I am spoiling you guys with a post a day, I think that I will have to cut that down. Sorry everyone, I am going to be posting every Thursday. I will however finish this week out and do a post today.
This morning was about the same routine, I think the most exciting thing that happened was a man went by with a way overloaded handcart, the kind you only see in the cartoons where the contents are bulging out the top and it is all held together by rope.
We were picked up by the other teachers right before school so that they could show us the way and we had a meeting explaining the teaching system. When the Korean teachers explained something they made it sound really complicated. Then the English teachers came in and I think I finally understand it. Don’t worry; I am not about to explain it to you guys because parts of it I don’t think I really understand. I spent the rest of the day shadowing classes, getting my books and learning more lesson style. After work I went with Grace to get the low down about the apartment I will be moving into. This is going to be fun to clean and organize. Thankfully I have Thursday off to do all that.
Also there is a speaker in my room that will ever so often have a Korean guy speak telling me to stay inside because there is a nuclear drill going on outside. (or something like that) I just started cracking up about that.

Picture for the day, this is inside the grocery store. I think it is like a salad bar but with Asian stuff like fish and kimchee.

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  1. Cyndil, you are cracking me up! If that is a salad bar, then your consumption of vegetables is going to increase dramatically! I love the posts! Keep them coming as often as you are able and I'll keep laughing. I read a bunch of them to Amy and we were cracking up! Love you!