Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Arrival

Okay, so I left you all at the Seattle Airport so I'll pick up the story from then. I caught my excruciatingly long flight to Korea. And after 5 movies where I had to continue reminding myself that if I don't sleep I will be able to get over jet lag faster, I arrived in Soeul.

Here I had to get through customs which was a lot faster then I thought it would be, I stupidly chose a line that took forever (I blame the group of teenage russians that were ahead of me). All they did at customs was take my picture and stamp my passport. Well I found my luggage fine enough, exchanged my money (wasn't sure if they ripped me off, at this point I was running out of time). I ran outside and caught a bus to take me to Gimpo airport. That cost about 7000won, which is roughly 7 bucks (I thought it was pretty good price becuase the alternative is a taxi for 45,000won). I nearly ripped my nail off trying to maneuver my 150 pounds of luggage. No worries I did not kill anyone yet but I did accidentally drop a bag on someone, its okay he was alive and moved away from me strangely fast. Anyways, I caught the next flight just fine, I did get there about 15minutes before boarding which was a bit nerve racking but I have to say I prefer the security in Korea then the US, they are just so much faster and I didn't have to take off my shoes.

The flight went superfast, truthfully I sat down and passed out. I didn't even remember taking off, but I do remember landing and being extremely disoriented. After I collected my luggage I met Mr Kim and two other teachers. One guys is going to work in Busan and the other guy is going to be my co-teacher. My co-teachers name is Joel, he seems nice and since he is the only other english speaker here, he in my new best friend :)

We dropped the other guy in Busan. It was sort of a shaddy side of town so I was happy that we kept going. I was dozing in the van the whole way so I didn't see a lot of the country side but I was awake enough to notice pass what looked like an ambulance (odd). And I don't think I am going to drive here at all because people are crazy and they put on their brights if you are not going fast enough.

So I got to the hotel, I have my own room, the bed is as hard as rock and the fan is broken but the bathroom is cool looking and I'll upload pictures later.

At the moment I'm in a cafe because we couldn't find an ethernet cord in the hotel and I will update everything tonight on my first day. So talk to you all later.

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