Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Day

Fun and interesting/ Informative and exhausting could describe this first day in Korea.
My night sleep was touch and go for a while, I was super tired from the flight but it didn’t help that my bed was rock hard and there is no control to the temperature. I didn’t even figure out that you can open a window till well after I got up. I did wake up a few times but it was still dark so I wasn’t getting out of bed.
I did finally get up around 7:30 and I truly started to explore the room. Apparently the whole bathroom acts as a shower, I have no internet and there is a mirror above my bed which is slightly riske. I actually discovered that last night and laughed for about ten minutes.
There are no sheets on my bed either and I just have gold comforter for a cover. I am thankful that I brought an extra blanket (the one Ally gave me for Christmas) and I just used the comforter to cover the bed.

Anyways, After I did your normal morning things. I decided to go find a place with free wi-fi, this was the only way I was going to get into contact with the girl who I am replacing. Joel joined me, after I knocked on his door ( I refuse to walk around a strange town without some form of support).

(This is one of the largest Fish Markets in Korea)
We walked around the town for about 20 minutes before we found a place with wi-fi. Apparently Changwon doesn’t wake up until eleven. There was a cute street market that was out, people lined the streets with fish and fruit in bowls and bags. A lot of things I’ve never seen before. There were fish that looked like angelfish and live octopus and all sorts of fruit, some really cheap. I think I will have to try a few when I am in my apartment. Well, we finally found an open shop called the Paris Baguette, thank you france for coming through. I was able to skype the Grace, and we decided to meet at noon for lunch.
It was now 9:30, so we had a bit of time, so our next stop was finding a converter for our laptops. We found the closest supermarket and after going up three flights and finding nothing I decided to ask. So I went up to an electronics guy and I used one of the Korean words I know and my extensive knowledge of sign language and mimed what we needed. The guy tried his best to explain where we needed to go, the basement. Problem was he sent us in the wrong direction which took us outside and around the building. Well we came back in and using our own improve directions we found the escalator and soon found what we were looking for. That and some soda and juice.

On the way back to the motel (juice and soda is heavy), we ran into David who actually approached us because there aren’t that many Americans here. David is another teacher. We then met up with Grace and went to lunch all the four of us. The restaurant was cool because we had to sit on pillows next to tiny tables. The meal was very Korean and tasty. It was also great cause we got to bombard Grace and David with questions. After lunch, Grace and David took us around town and showed us where everything was and we went to an actual fish market. We walked a ton and I would of kept going because I naturally don’t have an off switch when I am exploring but we all decided it was a good idea to take a break and meet up again at 7; that turned out to be a wise decision, I slept. ☺

After that brief hiatus, we met up with the other teachers and went to dinner. We had beef that we had to grill ourselves, the grill was in the middle of the table and along with that we had veggies in some sweet sauce. Very tasty, we then went out and they bought a rice wine and we went up to one of the apartment roofs where we could see most of Changwon. It was getting kinda cold, so we went downstairs in one of their apartments. The group didn’t know what to do next so I offered to teach them speed scrabble and promptly beat everybody in the game ☺
After that we all called it a day.

(This is the view from my room)

more pictures to come!!!

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