Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Last Day! Cambodia to China to Disneyland!!!!

So this was an extra day we got because our flight itinerary got screwed up. Still it was an extra day in Cambodia.
We took the morning to walked over to the old market for a bit of shopping; on the way we stopped at an ATM, and were harassed by Tuktuk drivers. We got to the market ok and did some last minute shopping.
We also went to a fish massage. Basically for three dollars we got to stick our feet in three tanks filled with fish that would eat the dead skin from our feet.  We started with the tank with the smallest fish then moved up to the tank with the big fish; some the size of our feet.

It felt so weird but it was so fun! It was the best use of three dollars ever!
We hit the market again and got some cheap macaroons, and the best ice-cream ever.
We grabbed a tuktuk to the hotel, where we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool and then had a couple massages. One for my feet and then a full body khamer massage. It was my first ever and it was different but relaxing. I felt like a pretzel. I was going to need it for the amount of travel I was about to go through.
They provided free popcorn and refreshments at the airport, which was nice, we then caught a plane to Thailand, where we had a 6 hour layover then we flew to Beijing where we had a nine hour layover.

We slept through the first layover but the layover in Beijing we took the time and went to the Beijing zoo where we could see pandas!
It was a good way to finish up the trip. Oh wait its not over yet.

After a 14-hour flight, we landed in LA. And over the rest of the week we visited Universal studios and went to Mickey’s Halloween party in Disneyland.
My family and I dressed up as Disney villains. I was Yzma from Emporers New Groove. My father was Jafar, my sister was Ursula, my mommy was the Evil Queen from Snow White, my cousin was Cruella DeVille, her friend was Maleficent, and Hades was an awesome guy we met there whose costume was legit.
Now that is a way to finish a vacation.

Hope you enjoyed, Adventure is out there!

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