Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 7; I love Cambodie despite the heat

So we started the day bright and early at 9am; and our first stop was the famous Angor Wat. This place was big, spacious and hot. Seriously humid and hot; I was dying, thankfully I got to wear my awesome fisherman pants.

Anyways, there were Naga, or the queen of snakes, surrounding the whole area, which was like 13 kilometers.
There were Monkeys too; and they were a bit aggressive towards people who had bags or just looked at them.
On the main temple building there was a base relief that was on the perimeter of the walls. The relief showed a story that if told would take 48 hours to tell.
They had a few room in the temples that were for pools too!
Throughout the temple were dancers base relief and each of them had a unique hairstyle.

Nearing the end I am pretty sure I was getting heat stroke.

We went to a restaurant for lunch and the timing was perfect because the moment we got to it, the weather took a turn for the worse. Rain and a ton of it came down.
But lunch was divine! My favorite was the salads surprisingly, normally I hate the salads. We had a banana flower salad, sour beef soup, fish and chicken stir fry, and for desert pumpkin custard.

With all the rain that came down, the day did cool off a bit but still very hot.

We stopped at a silver shop; it was nice mainly because the air conditioning.

The next temple we went to was the Bayon Temple, which was in the area of Angor Tom.
This place was my favorite, the entrance was lined with warriors holding up a snake god, each face was originally stolen but the government came back and replaced them. The tunnel gate had bats flying around in the upper area. It was very cool.
The actual temple had faces on the towers; most of them complete. I swear this place was sooo cool; I felt like Indiana jones walking and climbing around.

Another fun story about the Bayon temple that our guide shared with us; was when the Cambodian people found the Bayon temple they were chased away by tigers. Apparantly, this temple was a favorite birthing and rearing place for baby tigers. So cool!

Near the end of exploring the temple, it started to rain again. So we jumped on the bus,  to get to the other spots. It was still raining when we passed an elephant terrace. It had all of these cool elephants statues. Our guide was just going to stop and let us take pictures from the bus. We felt like we wouldn’t get this chance again so I and my sister and Christy and Barb jumped out of the bus and ran through a field of mud and got our pictures. I got splashed and soaked but it was a neat experience.
Our last temple was the sunset temple. We climbed to the top and just sat and watched the sun set. While we watched I sketched for a bit and just enjoyed the beauty of the surroundings.

There were a ton of clouds. So it was hard to see the sun set but still was magical.

We went back to the hotel and had a quick rinse and change then went to the Cambodian circus.

It was a smaller show but still awesome. They were very slapstick; the story was about ghosts and school kids reaction to them. We had popcorn to enjoy and before the performance began I had Amok fish again; so tasty.

The show itself had contortionism, chair balancing, flips and throws, fabric airial gymnastics.

Afterwards, we got a tuktuk back to the hotel.

Another awesome day in Cambodia!

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