Monday, November 21, 2016

Day 5: Vietnam, River Adventures!

Well I started this day out right with another bowl of pho and I got thread from the desk and fixed my shorts. It was pink thread so it stood out like a sore thumb but it fixed the hole so who cares!

  Also, I ran into a group from Bordeaux. They were the liveliest bunch of French people I ever met. When I spoke to them they all got excited and commented that I have a good accent, I like them:)

So our actual tour started at 8 am, it had to be that early cause it was a little far away. On the road we passed a few fields that had interesting little sheds or tiny houses in them, then our guide explained that the families buried their dead in the fields so that their ancestors would protect the crops.

Our first stops were the big Buddhas, there were three of them: reclining, standing, and fat.

After another hour of travel we got  to the Macong river; according to our guide, we were on the Dragon island, there were three other islands around the delta, the turtle, the phoenix, and the unicorn.
We got on a boat and drank fresh coconut as we made our way to the turtle island.

The seats were all wicker and once we got into the forest overgrowth we took pictures on the prow.
Once we got to the turtle island, we went to a local farm; they grew crocodiles, fruit, and coconuts.
They housed the crocodiles in a shelter, they seemed fake until the guide brushed them with a palm frond. Then they were all snapping and moving out of the way.

They were making coconut candy and we got to see the process; then we got to enjoy a fruit presentation. We got to try grapefruit, kumquat and honey tea, green guava, dried coconut, some round fruit that was similar to a lichi, and watermelon with salt.

There was a complete crocodile pelt for sale and I really wanted it; but the hide was $500 so I settled with a keychain made up of a crocodile hand, for five bucks. Better choice, till I’m rich.
We took a Vietnamese limosine or a small horse pulled carriage. I felt so bad for the horse, or pony, it was so hot and it was pulling like five people! But we got to the next part of the tour which was a small four person boat.

The small boat was driven by one person in the back with an oar, we were going through a small river through the jungle. It was very cool! But after a while, they turned on the engine and got us to the big boats again.

In the big boats we returned to dragon island, and found another little restaurant and shop to stop for lunch. In the shop I was able to find a Vietnamese patch! That was exciting! I couldn’t find a chinese one so finding a patch in Vietnam.

It took another hour back to the hotel. We were told to just take a taxi to the show we had tickets tonight but it was only a few blocks away so we walked.
We did a bit of shopping and we braved the roads again, and guess what, we didn’t die!

The performance we went to was called AO show; and it was the best show in the whole trip!
The main performer and designer used to work for the cirque du soleil peeps; it was amazing.

The design was amazing, they kept all the colors to brown, black and tan; the story was focused on Vietnamese life from all ages; and they did that through the use of poles and baskets. The performers were amazing, they did dancing, jumping, pole fighting, jumping, they were able to balance on a spinning basket. The lighting was really well done too; there was one part of the play where they were representing frogs and the lights were super dim… I leaned over to tasha at that moment and asked if they were naked, it’s possible it was too dark to tell. 

After the show we stopped at the most recommended restaurant by our guide; it was amazingly cheap, I got pho, a drink and a desert only for $3. It was really tasty but I wouldn’t say that it stood out, seemed like any other fast food chain. Then we left the restaurant and discovered that we had stopped one door short and that the recommended restaurant was right next door. Whoops.
We called it a day and headed back to the hotel; I had to take a shower practically every night because of the humidity. So crazy!

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