Saturday, November 19, 2016

Last day of China; Day 3

Reading my notes on this day reminded me how much I was getting fed up with China. So for brevity, I am going to just list off what we did and include pictures along with a few notes.

Our first stop was Tienamen Square, there was a huge line circling around it to go see Mau’s dead body. It’s disgusting.
Then we went to the Forbidden City.

We then went to a Chinese  medicine place where we had our feet put into some mysterious medicinal water followed up with a massage. Not bad but I agree with Tasha that the whole thing is a rip off. I was told that I was in perfect health :)

We had lunch, which was the same as yesterday.

There was some time after lunch so we walked around a park with a pond next to it.

The silk factory was our next stop and it wasn’t as good a presentation as the first time I went through.  And they were a lot more pushy to get you to buy stuff. I got a gift for a family member but that was all.

When we were done we all jumped on the bus to get a ride to the airport and that’s when things started getting nasty.  This is when we are supposed to give tip and they told us how much we are supposed to tip. Normaly, I’m fine with tipping when it is a voluntary action and the person deserves it. They were telling us how much to tip and to tip for the day where all they did was drop us off at the hotel, and we had to fend for ourselves. Then we learned that the tip we give goes back to the company not the guide.  So this wasn’t a tip, it was a hidden fee. I refused to pay all of it, yeah, that’s right I refused to pay the full desired tip…. So hate me, whatever.

They dropped us off at the airport; but China was not done with me. At the end of security; they pulled my bag. They found my portable charger. They took my portable charger and KEPT IT. China stole my portable charger!!!!!! They said it was a danger because it didn’t have the charge capacity …. They still stole my charger and I am still bitter about it. At least I’m done with china…..wait, oh yeah we had to fly through china on the way back to the states… oh well.

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