Thursday, November 24, 2016

Day 6: Cambodia!! Ho chi Minh or Siem Riep

So we arrived at the airport about an hour early and then the plane was late; so there was a lot of waiting around. And that was only the beginning of bad things happening. One of the girls in the tour forgot to renew her passport and it was too close to her expiration date; so they sent her home.  Yeah, that stunk; so for all who are traveling outside of home country; make sure you’re passport has more than a few weeks left in it. Be careful.

So getting our visa took a bit of time, so yet again we were the last out. But there was a sign waiting just for us, or at least for my sister. For some reason they used my sister’s name to represent our whole tour.

Tasha got a kick out of that, but we did have to collect everyone else in the tour,seriously, the actual name of the tour was so small no one else noticed it.

Well, our guide, Narun, was extremely accommodating. And informative; according to him there are 292 temples in Cambodia, and most of the rest of the time I couldn’t understand him…. Oh well, our hotel was awesome; the hotels here were crazy nice. 

Our guide said we had a free afternoon but if we wanted he could set something up for us. So of course we let him.

We had lunch in the lobby: Lok Lak and chicken curry; fruit shake and taro ice cream. Very tasty.

We then jumped on our own four person motorcycle pulled carriage, or tuktuk; and we went on a tour of the town. We got to see more of the hotels which looked like temples themselves. So extravagant! After driving around a bit we hit the Cambodian old market. There were cheap macaroons and fun items only made Cambodia; I got earrings! There was also blue pumpkin ice ream, which tasted like gelato!

Another stop was a shop called Boutique Art, which had really expensive merchandise; no one bought anything..

One of the major points in Cambodian history was the genocide that happened in the 60s or was it the 70s. Anyways, we visited one of the killing fields. It was next to a budhist temple where there were children praying. It was one of those pause for respect moments. Our guide shared that his cousin was in charge of killing people only because if he didn’t he would be killed. If anything it just reminded us how recent that horrible event happened.

They dropped us off at the night market; this was the place to shop! I found my cambodien patch and some fisherman pants! It was awesome!

There were five of us and we needed to find our own way back; so we all jumped in a tuktuk; yeah, those only sits four but we squeezed in and that meant it was only a dollar each. So cheap.
We got back to the hotel ok and it was a good end of the day!

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