Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

This week was so much nicer than last week and it was Christmas too!
Christmas this year was on a Tuesday but I still had to work on Monday....Christmas Eve. I was however invited over by my french Friend, Veronique, and her family after work. It was like a pajama Party! We watched A Christmas Story, which I found highly entertaining but my friends were a little confused by it. I forgot how American it was. So for christmas I drew them a picture of her kids.

It was in the form of a Christmas card, but I thought it turned out pretty good and it was fun to see their faces when they opened it. After the movie, my friends husband had fallen asleep and she and I stayed up talking until 4 in the morning. It was so fun, but I had to get up early the next day to head to Jinju. In Jinju, I met up with my good friend Jackie, we went to a Christmas party where I go to eat a bunch of awesome food and meet a bunch of amazing foreign people.  We had people from the UK, from south Africa, and of course America. And we all were brought together because of Christmas!
After the first party we went to another Christmas party, I don't know where we got the room but we stuffed the food in because it was amazing! This dinner was at a Korean's families place (Jinju Ward's Bishop), where we ate Gam shi tong, which is like a potatoe soup that only has one potato in it. Strange but delicious. Check out the pic from above to get an idea.
After dinner, we thanked the family, and headed out to town where Jackie took me to an actual tea house. It was so awesome. I tried this plum tea that was so sweet and tasty I just wanted to stay there the whole evening. It was actually good that we just relaxed a bit because of all the food that day and my friend was actually just getting over food poisoning. (Don't ever eat eel, nasty)

 After the tea, we headed to the only Christmas-y thing in Jinju, where Jackie surprised me with cracklers  and we celebrated Christmas together infront of a big christmas light tree.
We were only there for a few minutes though, cause it was freezing. And the cab driver who we got to wait for us was laughing at the insane Americans. But whatever we're happy!
So that was Christmas in Korea, it was exciting and fun but I think next year I'll try to be home for it. This next weekend is New Years and a much bigger holiday here, so we shall see about the festivities next time.

Adventure is out there!

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