Monday, December 10, 2012

Fond Goodbyes...And new beginnings

It was the last week for my Co-Workers, David and Jinny. We had a few parties and even had a group cake eating with chopsticks. Now that David and Jinny left, I am officially the Senior teacher in the school, there isn't another teacher that has been here as long as me. And now they are all looking to me for my helpful wisdom and experience.... wow, we are in for it.

Actually things are looking up, because one of the new foreign teachers here speaks both Korean and english, he was elected to be the middle man between us and the director. Which means no more meetings with her, things are definitely looking up. 

The replacement teacher is from New York, and his name is Yares, pronounced Jadai. He is really green and seems to think to make up for his lack of experience that he should talk.... all.... the....  time....
As much as I understand that he is new and that he is nervous and is trying to establish himself, sometimes I just wish he would shut up.... I'm probably being mean right now. okay, sorry.

In any case, this last weekend I went to Busan to meet up with a friend and her friend who was visiting Korea for a few weeks. We walked around and went to a couple of restaurants and then went to see Rise of the Gaurdians. Amazing film and I watched it in 3D, which made it more amazing!

That was about it for that weekend, what is really cool that happened this week is the snow. When I first got here I was told that it never snows here and that I should not look forward to it. And then on friday morning it started snowing! I was walking back from Hopkido when it started and I just started to smile like an idiot in wonder. A couple of Ajima's passed me and started to laugh which was a little strange because normally I am laughing at them but yeah there you go. Yeah snow!

Okay honestly I had this post done by friday but forgot to post it so sorry for the delay.

Adventure is out there!

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