Thursday, December 13, 2012

The road goes ever on and on...

So this last Saturday and weekend I did a ton of traveling. It started on Saturday morning not-so bright but early.

It was the second Saturday of the month and I had signed up to go to the temple. I previously missed the past four months of trips the last four months because .... things kept happening.

In anycase, I arrived at the meeting point at 5:30am, that is in the morning! That was early, and it is no longer summer. It was dark and cold and windy and I was alone standing waiting for the bus because everyone else had a car and stayed there, because duh it's cold.

I got on the bus and quickly found a seat so that I could sleep for the next five hours, roughly the amount of time it will take to get to Seoul. It was a long trip, but I did fall asleep for a while and when I woke up I looked out the window at this:


And it was covering everything! It was so beautiful and happy and and and cold.

My friend from the ward was with me and she had not dressed expecting snow. She had a nice coal and a scarf and gloves but her shoes were high heels and no traction whatsoever. She held on to me the whole time. I had slip-ons that were only slightly better than hers. Actually she did fall once but I was able to catch her, mostly.

We went through the temple two times and it felt so great to find a peaceful place to pray and feel the spirit. One session I did in english and the second I did it in french. Very fun.

Afterward we got back into the bus and headed home. Another five hour ride home. But worth it.
That was Saturday, then on Sunday there was a Young Single Adult activities in Busan. My friend offered to drive and normally I wouldn't go to activities like these just because no one speaks english and I don't want to inconvenience anyone. Well, this time I relented and said I would go. Probably one of my bad decisions. My friend who was driving did not turn on his heating the whole way and he took some back way to avoid the toll-booths that took twice as long. Then he started berating me with inappropriate discussions, asking questions where I felt harassed. We picked someone up along the way who thankfully distracted him enough to leave me alone. The activity I thought was us watching The Christmas Devotional but the guys internet wasn't working and it didn't matter because everything was in Korean. Then at the end, I had to get back into that freezing car and he dropped me off last which meant more harassing. I tried my hardest to be nice and not sarcastic or vicious which I really wanted to be but I refrained. Just barely.

Well that was the big adventures this weekend, I am about to go watch the Hobbit. Hopefully it is as good as I expect.

  Aren't my students Awesome!

Funny Story about those kids. I was in class explaining how to respond to a question then I hear a scream and everone started laughing. I turn around and asked what happened and one of the girls said to wait as she started to unzip her coat. Then she pulls out an eraser which the girl behind her was flipping up into the air. I don't know how but the one girl had flipped the eraser in a way to go down the front of the other girls coat. I just started laughing, it was awesome.

Adventure is out there!

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