Thursday, November 1, 2012

Because Fireworks are cool...and I have a sword

So I'll start this post off with some flower power. In my town of Masan we had a flower festival, celebrating the Chrysanthemum. An ugly little flower that to me looks like a clumped dandelion. It was fun to walk around the festival and see all the cool flower arangements... well bunches. I honestly don't see the big deal.

Let's jump to the exciting part. The Busan Fireworks festival, Amazing. But we need some build-up.

Originally the festival was planned for saturday and so I went up with a couple of my Korean friends on Friday to get past all the traffic. We had fun walking around the beach side and had a good meal there too. Then Saturday rolled around, I had to go to a useless meeting for work in the middle of the day, but it started raining. And I don't mean sprinkling, I mean raining. Like wind and fat drops of liquid death.... and it would not let up. SO the fireworks were canceled and rescheduled for the following day. Dejectedly, I went home because I had church in the morning. (It is important for my state of mind)

Half-way through the Sunday day I got a call from Jackie (my only other Mormon friend in the country of Korea) and she said she had a friend who can get us on the rooftop of a motel right next to the beach where they are going to shoot off the fireworks. NO WaY! The obstacle was just to get there. Luck was with me that day, I was able to catch a bus and make all the transit jumps without too many hitches.... true traffic was a killer but with your scriptures on your phone time flew (along with a nap). But I was able to find Jackie and together we made it to the motel just after the first few fiery explosions of happiness started going off.

The show was about an hour long and they were the second coolest fireworks I have ever seen (you can't top Disney World's 4th of July though). The whole sky lit up with the finally and my favorite fireworks by far were these ones that were attached to a miniature airplane so when it went off it looked like a phoenix was flying around. Super cool. There were words in the sky and they even lit the bridge on fire.. well it had a curtain of firework happiness spewing over it's sides. Absolutely amazing. Sadly my camera's batery went dead half-way through but here is a video I took :)

The firework show was amazing and surprisingly I was able to get home at a reasonable time. But that is not all that was so amazing this last week. Today or yesterday in Hopkido, our instructor started teaching us how to use swords. I'm going to be a korean ninja samurai by the time I leave here. BOO-YAH!
Yeah! Well it is almost the weekend and I haven't planned anything yet except a couple of meetings and my first french club meeting. That will be fun! But yeah, I'll have a new adventure for you all very soon.

Adventure is out there ;)

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