Thursday, October 25, 2012

The China Dilemma

There is still such thing as prejudices towards Americans, I knew this already but this week has yet been another reminder for that fact.

Originally when I was looking to teach english in Asia, my goal was China. But I soon realized that Korea was safer and paid more, even though the contracts were longer. After accepting a job in Korea, I told myself that I was close to Japan and China; so I would be able to easily go to either country.

Well, this week my dreams of China were dashed. I went to a travel agency to apply for a Chinese visa, so I could start planning my trip with my sister at the end of my contract in five months. Well, the travel agent told me 'no, it is not possible.' Well actually he said '불가능 없음' but thankfully I had a friend there to translate. He explained that I had to have at least six months left on my Alien card in order to apply and even if I did get my visa it would only be good for about three months. So there wouldn't have been any way for my to visit China with my sister at the end of my contract. I had a small tantrum and I even learned that me being an American, if I applied to get a visa I would pay 160 dollars more for my visa than would a Canadian or Englishmen. Shenanigans!!!

Oh, I was fuming at that point. Smile and all, I was angry. So now the only way I'm getting to China is I would have to go to Hong Kong and apply there for a Chinese Visa, pay a ton of money and wait two or three days to get it. And that isn't even for sertain, either. This is just rumors and hear-say. The other option is to go with the original plan of going to teach in China. If that happened, I can only sign on to a six month contract, because I think I might kill some kids if I have to deal with any more. 

For a positive note, I got my camera back and it is as good as new and I didn't have to pay a dime. :)

This week we are having presentations at school. Which means easy days and this weekend there is a firework festival in Busan. So I will have pictures next week, none this week, sorry.

Funny story for the week. I was in the middle of a lesson when there was a huge explosion followed promptly by other smaller explosions. One of my students shouted the North was invading (as a joke) and I realized that it was fireworks. Sadly we were on the wrong side of the building, so we couldn't watch them but the explosions continued for about half the class. With that kind of distraction it was hard to do work. So we just had a class discussion on how good pizza was.
Turns out that the fireworks were for the Chrysanthemum festival going on. Why on earth would you want to celebrate that ugly little flower that I've only seen used in funerals, I have no idea.

Everyone have a great week, and Adventure is out there! 
Sometimes all we need is socks :)

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  1. Go to Hong Kong. It's more fun anyway.

    I'm glad you found your socks!