Friday, October 12, 2012

Occasionally Boring... not this week

This last week was the BIFF or Busan International film festival. The only reason it is international is that it includes china or at least that is the only other nation I saw represented there. Granted, I only stayed for about half an hour.
Here is me with Alisa
Alisa, Hannah, Jinny, Me :)

 Oh Busan :)

I went with the girls from work and we stood around waiting to see a famous actress that I didn't know. And after we took a few quick shots of her, we left and just started taking pictures of ourselves next to posters. My camera is having a tantrum and decided to stop working again... so pictures are limited. (I am going to a sony place next week).

Anyways, after we experienced the full array of poster backgrounds and exhausted our options of posses we could do infront of them.... we did what the only real other activity you can do in Busan which was shopping.
We hit an underground mall. That was fun, I found a really cool backpack and earrings. I thought I had done well and was leaving with the girls when they all stopped and said that we had to stop at a particular shop. This just so happened to be an underwear store. Well, I'm supportive so I go in. I look at some possible bra and panty sets and one of the girls tell me that they can find my size in anything. Still supportive yet trying to dogde the awkwardness of telling anyone your size, I tell them I don't know my size. For everyone to know: DON'T tell a group of fashion fanatic girls that you don't know your size. They will find out for you, even to the point of taking out a measuring tape and measuring you in front of a bunch of strangers and everyone else outside the very large window of the shop. Then they will proceed to discuss your size in a language you can only guess at. Awkward but entertaining to say the least.

On Sunday I was asked to tag along with some friends to explore Goeje (port town). Despite my misgivings I went along. The evening was fun and I got to see the ocean for real and the above shot. It looked like a castle across the see but actually it was a boat construction site. Really cool!

Thats all this week, next weekend is conference. We are a week behind because the Koreans wait for the translation so I'll be watching that next sunday.

Oh funny story this last sunday:
I was walking up the steps to get to enter the church building and the Bishop was there to meet me. He pointed at me and said 'YOU!' His english isn't that spectacular but I'm supportive and so I patiently waited to find out the rest of his sentence. He continued '' I nodded thinking he was going to ask me about a time for something. ' need... single no' At this point I just started laughing and nodded and tried to reassure him that I was ...kinda... not; but I at least I smiled at his show of concern for my singleness. The whole situation just made me laugh and thankfully I was able to quickly escape to the chapel. Oh good times.

Welp that's all for this week...till next time

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  1. Ha ha ha! Love your bishop. I have a nice list of men for you when you get back. However my favorite story is how you are a 34 negative A and all your Korean friends laughed about in front of all those strangers! You just made my day!