Friday, October 5, 2012

Chuseok and Bloody Cotton candy

Happy Chuseok everyone!

So Chuseok is the equivalent to Thanksgiving for Americans but it happens in the beginning of October as opposed to November. I got a few days off which was nice except for the fact that traveling was a living nightmare so I didn't even try it but I did have a little bit of an adventure.

I began the holiday with a few of my coworkers. We drove out to Busan, one of my coworkers has a car which makes for a nice ride, if you enjoy k-pop. We also left Masan at midnight. Still not sure if that was the best of ideas but there you go. Takes an hour to get to busan and by the time we got there all the bars were filled....darn ( -_-) So we walked around the beach for a while and enjoyed the lights that were on the bridge across the water way. Finally after about an hour a bar had room for us at.. the.. bar... weird, anyways I got a wonderful Pineapple Sunrise (non-alcohol) and my friends drank to their hearts content. While at this bar I was hit on by a number of Korean guys, most of them couldn't speak that much english and I was even grabbed off my bench and danced with a few of them. Well, they grabbed me off the bench, I stood there and they danced around me for a few seconds before I figured a way to escape and at the first chance I got I ran for it. Terrifying to say the least.

We left the bar around four in the morning and went to a ramien spot where I tried to pass out on the bench, unsuccessful. But it did encourage the others to think that we need a place to sleep for a bit. We tried to find a place but everything was too expensive, so we all got the bright idea to just sleep in the car. They left the music (k-pop) on the whole you can say I had a rough time sleeping. Around seven the driver was sober enough to drive home.
All in all, I really enjoyed the experience. It was fun to be out late and everything was exciting but I am not sure I would do it again, maybe.

The rest of Chuseuk, I was invited to a few dinners by families from the ward and that was really nice. I didn't feel like doing too much though, so I went out and bought a puzzle which I finished in about two days (I'm rounding up). Finally after not doing anything for two days I felt guilty enough to go out and search for adventure.
I called up a friend and she and I went to Busan together. We went to the aquarium and walked along the coastline. It was really nice to get out.
I think the best story from that trip was the bloody cotton candy. There was a small theme park next to beach in Busan and while we were checking it out we ran into a cotton candy maker. It was a fairly good price, and you guys know how much I like cotton candy! So we ordered two, the first one was mine and it was good. Then as the guy was making my friend's, he hurt himself pretty bad. but he kept making the candy! Well, I've got a video of it so you check it out:
well the video didn't work so I will post it on facebook later
Here is an after shot though :)

Crazy huh? Well we had a good laugh over it and it is a good thing my friend had such a good humor about it. I would have been a little more concerned. Yeah, icky.

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