Friday, November 16, 2012

Daegu Day

Honestly I didn't think I would get up to Daegu. I looked into visiting the city and all the activities mentioned didn't interest me at all. But I had a friend invite me to go with her and a few of her own friends and as hermitish as I am I decided to try out a weekend at Daegu. Yeah for saturday adventures!

The city has a pretty good foreigner community, it is after all the third largest city in South Korea. So the first thing we did was go to a American themed restaurant. I thought it hilarious that in one of their showcases it showed American products which included Quaker oats and chunky soup. The lunch was good, but the activity that I was looking forward to was zip-lining. The city has a corps course and that included a zip-line. We first had to find a love motel so the girls had a place to sleep tonight, they were going to go clubbing that night and it is easier finding a place to sleep while you're your still sober. I was just in for the ride though and was planning on returning to Masan that night so I could go to church in the morning.

Anyways, after finding a suitable place to stay we headed towards the corps course. Well we got lost a couple of times and even had a bus driver wave us away because he had already pulled out into traffic... all two feet of it and was stopped for a light. (Jerk, I hate bus drivers now). We even ran into another foreigner who proceeded to flirt like crazy with me, we all laughed at that later.
After waiting for a second bus, we finally got to the area where the course was and found out that the place closed an hour before we got there. Oh well, such is life in a foreign land. So we went back to the bus stop and got on the same bus that brought us there. When the bus driver saw his group of loud obnoxious American girls he just shook his head and smiled at our pitiful state. I thought it was funny!

One thing Daegu is famous for is their alcoholic drinks in a bag and of course all the girls wanted to try it. I wanted to have some fun too, >:) no worries I made sure that there was no alcohol in it at all but it was still fun to drink from a bag that looked like it should hold medicine.

Funny Story!
We were all really hungry too, well I was actually okay because of work I have become accustomed to eating a big lunch and not feeling hungry again until way midnight. So I just wanted a salad. And amongst the ten dollar meals there was a three dollar salad. Yes, victory! I ordered that and was excited for something light and small. In Korea they don't wait to bring all the meals out at once so you can easily get your food far before your friends. I assumed I would be getting my salad first, because salads don't take that much time. So when they brought out a small plate filled with sweet pickled carrots, cucumbers, and peppers. I was about to die, they put the small plate in front of me and I just looked down at it, in disbelief. Jackie got her speghetti and Carolyn got her lasagna. And we all just started busting up laughing at the whole thing. That measly salad was more like a side dish and the pickled veggies made me want to puke. Here is a good picture:

 Thankfully, after a while they brought out my real salad and everything was all good, but for a while there I was about to murder some koreans for what they called a salad.

After the dinner I ditched my friends and headed home. Fun evening and it was great to meet new people. :)

Funny Story of the week:
I was teaching my middle school students and in the middle of a lesson one of my girl students rose her hand and asked to go to the bathroom. The girls had been fairly obnoxious up to this point talking and laughing during the lesson and I wasn't about to let her out when she could wait twenty minutes for the bell to ring, when her friend got up and ran to the front to whisper something in my ear. 'teacher, her bra back is open.' I couldn't take it, I just started to laugh. and I nodded to her to go. But I couldn't stop laughing, then the guys in the class really wanted to know why I was laughing and that just made me laugh more. I finally got control of myself again and then the girl came back into the class and I just started laughing again. She hit her friend and the boys just sat there in confusion. Oh I am still laughing now. I guess it isn't that funny but this week had been stressful because I lost my voice and still had to somehow do my work. But, oh, that was funny.

Well this week is going to be great cause my friend Darlea is coming and we are going to have a blast! So until next time :)

And happy Pepero Day :)
Adventure is out there!

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