Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ninja Destruction

One of my favorite games is Ninja Destruction that I learned being a EFY counselor. I wasn't sure that I would be able to teach any of my students here because you don't really talk during the game at all. Then on the weekend, I was suddenly put in charge of my young women without any idea of what to do with them. So, I taught them ninja destruction. Before I knew it, the young men came into the classroom and they got really into it. To the point that they went out and recruited other kids until the room was filled. I just thought it was funny because they would all scream 'ninja estruction' and then follow up with 'Jinja'. Then they all strike their best ninja pose and the game begins. I loved it, mainly because to watch how serious the kids were getting.

That is all I really did this weekend, no high adventure. But this next week I am going to Seoul for the temple.

Sorry this post is short this week but here is a video of the craziest little girl in my ward. She likes to run around and literally run into people and hit them. So I started calling her crazy and she just keeps saying the same thing in Korean to me. I got one of my young women to hold her down long enough to record her craziness.
I really am grateful for the ward here. They have taken good care of me and have been really patient with the lack of communication. And I love how most of them consider me on the same level as a missionary. :) I get fed all the time!

Till next week, Adventure is out there!

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