Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Amazing I got this far, but I've hit the half-way point... well technically that was about a week ago. Anyways YAY for 6 months!

This week we had a typhoon, and when I say this week I mean last week, like last tuesday. I was so excited, I thought it would be cool to see a typhoon which is a hurricane basically with a different name. This one inparticular before it came everyone said it is one of the most powerful to hit us in like ten years. The last one of the same magnitude killed seven people, so naturally I was rearing for a fearsome storm that would scare me out of my witts and then give me a good story afterwards.

I took pictures of people's preparation for Bolaven (typhoons name) below:

So people taped up the windows.

And there were sandbags everywhere.

Multiple people told me not to go out the night before. ( Like I go out and stuff past 12 on daily basis )

Well. Bolaven hit around three in the morning and I was sure it would wake me but it didn't. And so I woke up to just a windy day, where I've experienced worse in Rexburg Idaho. Total disappointment! I was so excited and then the stupid storm couldn't muster enough power to wake me up. Maybe I really can sleep through anything.

I was able to take a picture of the aftermath, though really I think there was another problem with this roof and the typhoon just gave the extra push to make it collapse.
In the end I don't think that the Typhoon merited the hype that everyone gave it. There was another typhoon that hit this week but it was a weaker one, so it was just a day with sprinkling of rain and a little wind. Sheesh! Come to Washington, I can show you what a real rainstorm is like or come to Rexburg, there are great examples of wind there. Whatever, disappointing.

Besides that, I have been coned into doing a couple of dances for the Ward talent show and I have  a talk this coming sunday. So there is a lot on my plate right now but I thought I should update everyone before the week is out.

Everyone, smile more.

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