Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Hair

This week I finally got around to cutting my hair, it only took about a year and a half of complaining about how long it was to get it cut.

I knew that I wanted to get it done before I left here, because I have heard how nice it is to get your hair done here, or at least in an Asian country. I am not being stereotypical because the person who told me how amazing it is to get your hair done in an Asian country was in fact Asian ( or at least half Asian). Not sure if that actually counts but there you go.

It was great! I guess I should start at the beginning...right. I didn't want to go alone because I wasn't sure if I would be able to explain what I wanted. So when I heard that one of my co-teachers, Jinny, was going I asked her if I could tag along. She tends to go to the more expensive places though but at the point that I had got with my hair I was willing to pay anything.

The next day we went to the big department store and found the hair salon. In truth I have never been to a true hair salon. Growing up I always had my mom do my hair and the other times I was too cheap to pay full price so I always went to one of those academies. It was fun to see the dynamics of the place and everything.

Jinny was getting a perm and that was a whole different process then when I got my perm back in Idaho, they pulled out these gadgets and wires and the whole shebang.

It was pretty intense, then when they got to me. I had drawn a picture of what I wanted. I thought it was quite clever but they just started laughing at me. Then they pulled out a tablet that had about 15 pictures of different styles that I could choose from. We got the message across though and I got to experience a full scalp massage. Then they cut and styled my hair. I should of gotten a picture but we were running short on time and had to rush to work. So yeah, still working on that picture of the new hair. Many of my students noticed though a few of my boy students said that it looks the same. :( grrr

So here you go a before and after picture. The after picture is a little blurry but you get the idea :)

It also was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be :) And I like paying less than what I expect.

Speaking about money, I also transferred money a couple of days ago. The exchange rate is killer and I guess I have been going out to eat more than I thought I did, whoops...a girls got to eat, well. I only sent home about half of what I was expecting to so the whole 'saving money while I am over here' idea didn't turn out to be what I thought it would but oh well. I am still going to enjoy myself. bwahaha.....aha

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