Monday, August 20, 2012

Same old Story

I think that I am going to officially announce that I will update my blogs every Monday unless I get around to it on Thursday. :)

This past week was the last of my intensives week. That means my schedule has returned to normal, and when I say normal I mean I work from 2pm until 10pm. I really liked the other schedule, I felt like I had a normal job. My extra classes I had were great as well and I will miss those girls I got to teach. Alas, my normal schedule is better though because it is easier to skype people. (hint: you people should skype me now)

So this past weekend I went on a non-date with a guy that I met at the supermarket. I call it a non-date because it was just me and him but I explained to him on the non-date that I don't date people outside of my religion and he was okay with that because he says he wants an Asian wife. Anyways, we went on a five hour hike up in the mountains. (it was either that or drinking and you all know how I feel about drinking). The hike was really fun, and kinda dangerous because earlier in the day it had rained and so the trail was slick. I only fell once and thankfully to my hopkido training I knew how to fall properly and not be hurt. We only got lost twice and because of the heat I was drenched in sweat a few minutes in so you can only imagine how wet I was by the end. Not attractive so again I was glad it was a non-date.

It was actually really cool because like halfway in we got around to talking about alcohol and he said he didn't drink. I said I don't drink as well and he asked if I was Mormon. He wasn't so this led up to about a two hour talk about Mormons and my religion. That part was awesome! I felt like a missionary and everything again! The whole hike was worth those hours of sharing!

Well, it seems from the word of mouth my work is back on the tipsy. One teacher is leaving at the end of the week and our most 'intelligent' director has decided to not hire another teacher. It might be possible that I don't have that long to be here. Many of the other teachers are not taking it well and the moral at my work has taken a dive. We have textbooks though for the next term so we might see some of that, I am still unsure that I will see my year mark or even my 9 month mark. Hope for the best.

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  1. What! This is so shocking! You went on a date with someone that you didn't know! Plus, it was a long date! So, this other teacher, fired? Wanted to go home early? I want you to come back now. Feel free to get fired.