Thursday, September 13, 2012

No Water

So I think Big Brother exists in South Korea. Yesterday I was woken up to a loud speaker in my ceiling. It was a woman's voice and as far as I know she was saying the world was about to end. Along with her insistent voice they added a loud buzzer to make sure their was no possible way for you to sleep any longer. I immediately checked outside to make sure it wasn't a evacuation drill and seeing that no one was rushing toward the stairs I shrugged and went about my business. Well it turns out that the in-home announcement was about the water was shut off. And I really needed to take a shower. :(
So I had an extra bottle of drinking water and therefore took my first shower with bottled water. I felt fresh and clean, like a mountain stream!
What really bothered me is that I have a speaker in my room that allowes the 'higher-ups' to wake me whenever they decide and there is also a light as well that I have no control over which has turned on randomly throughout the time I have been here too. I tell you it is a conspiracy.... I wonder if they have cameras too? hmm, note to self stop walking around in my underwear. ;) (like you wouldn't do it if you lived alone too!)

Anyways, this last week was a stresser for sure but despite how it turned out I was quite proud that I survived it. This last weekend, I was part of a talent show, I had a talk to give during sacrament meeting and I got to teach a lesson in my Young Womens group. A lot to prepare for, but I did it and though the talent show was an epic fail in performance on my part the rest of it went really well.

The talent show, I was kindly forced to dance a choreographed dance with the other single adults in my ward. We had practiced a lot except for the 'couples' dance that I was also elected for, I got to the church early to practice it with my partner. Well my partner didn't show up until like an hour before the show started and he decided to practice another dance with the young men. In other words we got to the stage, I knew what to do but he didn't and so it was a huge flop but I didn't really care, I am just happy it is over. The other dances went well and some of them were really fun. The missionaries dressed in traditional Korean style dress, one a man and the other in girl cloths and they sang this song that was two old couples argueing. It was hilarious. I'd have pictures but one of the elders needed an SD card so I lent him mine and he hasn't returned it yet.  So pictures to come :)

Besides that my talk went well and the lesson was a success as well.
This week as well, I hung out with a more variety of people. I went to a mexican..well korean/mexican resaurant and that was tasty. I also hung out with my fellow english teachers who are the koreans and that was fun:
The center is Jinny and the right side is Hannah. Super sweet girls :)

That is all for now! Have a great week everyone and go find some adventures!

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