Friday, June 29, 2012

Bruised and loving it

Recently, I have heard a few comments from my friends where they say that I am either having a rough time or unhappy. Even tonight one of my coworkers commented that generally I appear unhappy or in a bad mood. So here is an official apology for my bad spirit and pessimistic attitude but in my defense I  haven't had the best situations to be happy about. These past few weeks...months have been rough. But I am going to try my hardest to turn this around and focus on the positive things. Like this past weekend :)

Originally, I planned to go to Busan Haeundae Beach and relax and get a tan while befriending a less active and hanging out with a guy I find fairly attractive. Well, my less active friend cancelled the day before and my attractive guy friend claimed he had to play in a basketball game (lame). This all happened the night before and the moment I got off the phone with my church friends, I was invited to go on a major hike the next day. I am happy I did and thanks to hopkido I was not sore afterwards (that badly).

We left early and when I say 'we' I mean: myself, Jeff the mountain, and Hiker James. (nicknames have been approved by the board of 'cyndil's acceptable phrases'). Both of these guys were sporting their awesomely expensive cameras where I dropped mine and watched it skid along some rocks, my point is that they were serious while I was there just for the ride. :)

(Back: Jeff the Mountain, Front: Hiker James) 

 We hiked the wall...fortress...mountainside around Busan city which is about an hour bus ride out of Masan. It was a beautiful clear day and had great views.
We started the hike with a huge meal of the best fresh goat meat I've ever had. SO tasty. The only bad descision about it was the fact that we ate it at the beginning of about a 6 or 7 hour hike. I had a stomach ache the whole day. But it was really good goat.

We got to eat outside on this table thing which was super awesome!

After the meal we headed out and hiked for a few hours and got so amazing sights atop mountains and all along a wall that supposedly surrounded Busan. The views were so amazing and very asian looking. We visited a couple temples and a budha garden. My favorite part of the hike was this area where the trail was just gigantic rocks you had to jump from one to the other. 

This was the awesome trail!

During the hike we somehow got on the subject of Avatar the last airbender and discovered that we were all fans of it. So when we got back to Masan we decided to stay up till three in the morning to watch the finale of Korra. (If you didn't follow this last conversation, no worries, just blow it off as nerd stuff)
Before we left Busan we stopped at a nice chicken place where they had the best fried chicken. I couldn't enjoy it though because by that time my stomach ache had escaladed to the point while I was walking to the restaurant I nearly threw up. I had to sit down and take small sips of water. I lived through it though and the chicken was quite tasty (even if all I did was take one small bite at the time). On our way home our bus broke down so our one hour bus ride turned into a two and a half hour but I didn't mind so much, it was a really good day something bad had to happen to balance it out. 
After I watched the season finale with my friends I walked home around 3 in the morning, surprisingly quiet and the merchant venders were already out setting up for sunday's big market. 

The rest of the week was a breeze, it is test time for the highschool students so they don't come to the accademy which means my normally heavy load of classes got cut in half and the rest of the students had to study for our exam. All my students did surprisingly well. 
We also did phone counceling this week which means I got to call all my students on the phone, it went better then I thought it would and many of my students reaction were quite comical er at least their parents made me laugh as well. I think the best comment I got from a kid this week was that all Americans are from space because all we eat is bread, meat, and soda.

Not gonna lie, this was a great week and I think next week will be just as good. We will find out.



  1. Hey man, McCarthy here from MTC. I happened across your blog on my newsfeed, Korea huh? How long have you been there/got to go? What else have you been doing since you got back from your mission? Really liked your blog, don't worry if people think its negative, call it realistic. Blew my mind that your first time going to a bar was in Korea. OVerrated right? Especially if you don't drink, whenever I go out it seems to be people being bored, getting excited taking a photo for facebook, being bored again then talking about what a great night it was the next day. Your hikes look awesome though. Anyway thought I'd pop in with a little comment but it ballooned out. Oh also have a blog as well, though I haven't written in awihle, maybe this will provide some inspiration. Excelsior!! (PS New airbender series is surprisingly good!)

    1. McCarthy!
      hey! :)
      Well, I've been in Korea since the end of February and I shall be here until next march, as long as my hagwon doesn't go under.... really wouldn't mind too much if it did. Other things that I've done since the mission... I finished my undergraduate, worked for Walt Disney World, became a makeup artist for a haunted amusement park, and tried to live each day with an adventure in mind. :) How about you? What have you been up to? Just remember everything in life is an adventure as long as we see it that way :)
      Man, it is so good to hear from you! I still want to eat food at your place! DO you remember that conversation? Soeur Eggers and I attacked you...I think. It has been a while.

    2. Freak I thought I had already replied to this and I guess I haven't. Looks like you've been up ro a lot! haha come down and eat some food, alway swelcome. I do not remeber this conversation however, you'll need to refresh my memory:)