Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Quest for Happiness

Hello Everyone,

Well it is a new week and this week I tried something new! I decided to try my best and follow that old missionary lore of being 100% obedient in order to find this thing called happiness. Long and short of it is that I read my scriptures everyday and deleted all the sites that I could download or stream videos (remove the temptation). I am still not there yet but surprisingly life has deffinitely made a swing in the right direction.

I didn't go on any adventures this week..... well that isn't true. I did go on a date with someone and if you want all the details you have to skype me, just in case this blog falls into the wrong hands and I get blackmailed or something ;)

I spent all of sunday last with my french family and it was totally fun just spending time with those kids and keeping my friend sane. :) The kids were a bit crazy, randomly undressing and running around naked and then my friend pulled out a photo album which had a few pictures of her husband in the army. Apparently when you go swimming in the army, you wear a speedo... that was awkward but my friend being french, it didn't even phase her, that and it was her husband. Dinner was a quiche and I got some more recipes from her as well. Now all I need is an oven.

Hopkido has become fun with the addition of a few new people and a guy who everytime I am matched up with him he tells me he is going to kill me now. I laughed, then he attacked and I was on the ground before I knew it. He kept telling me to kill him but I couldn't (I'm not the violent sort...). The only time he said I did well was when I had put all my weight into my knee which was placed at the back of his neck, in truth I had fallen and that is how it all landed.
I also keep getting these massive bruises on my arms, I bruise like a peach! But I am having fun and that is what matters. We are getting tested in a few weeks and I hope I don't pass, that way if I screw up I can keep blaming my white belt and my ignorance :)

That is it for now, sorry no photos this week. My camera's battery died and I kept forgetting to charge it, yeah surprise surprise for those who know me and know how I am with charging batteries.

Smile hard everyone :)

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