Sunday, July 22, 2012


Good afternoon and happy Monday everyone, sorry for the tardiness but I don't think it matters for most of you.
This week wasn't as adventure-filled as the other weekends have been. I think the most exciting things I have done was going to play ping pong with my friends:

I was walking back from a youth activity when I ran into a few of my fellow english teachers. I stopped and together we found a cool little ping pong gym.

Yeah that was pretty fun. Surprisingly even though I haven't played in like a year, I was able to hold my own. I even started to try out some spin hits. Watch out Dad and Dayne, I am going to take you on when I get back :)

That is about all I can think of this week.

Sorry, I promise next week I will have an epic story for you all.

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  1. Dude! I was seriously about to write a nasty e-mail to you about your lack of posting on time! I really was! Then I decided to check one more time and you posted. Boring, but you posted. You should get one skype.