Saturday, June 9, 2012

Social? Anything but...

So this last weekend, I had a Young Women's Activity which took up most of the day. It was a combined activity with the young men, so we had a fairly good group. The leaders taught them to do line dancing, thankfully I was just there for support so I was not roped into the self-humiliation that was happening on the dance floor. And when they did try to get me out in the killing field I just claimed stupidity that I didn't understand what they wanted. Even when my friend who spoke did come to ask me to get out there and show how it was done, I simply replied that I was allergic.

 After the dance fest we had a snack time where everyone enjoyed spicy kimbob and salad sandwiches. As I watched others eat their strange things called food I was told that we were going to have a meeting for the singles of the ward as soon as this activity was over. This meant another meeting where I was told that I needed to date more and get married so that I can have children. Apparently, all I am good for is having babies(According to all the leaders in this ward). This little meeting I opted out of a translator in the hope that I could skip that part of the subject. They did write DATING in big letters on the board in english so I got the point. I also was the only girl in that little reunion so naturally awkwardness followed. But we all decided to be nice to the leader and went all four of us on a 'date' afterwards. I with three guys went bowling, only one understood english.

But I schooled them in Bowling though! We played three games and I won two of the matches. The one match I did lose meant I had to buy dinner for one of the guys. So we went to McDonalds, real classy I know. And I am not a cheapskate, they asked for it. We spent the next hour talking, kinda. Well me acting out half the things I said and then I would sit and stare at the wall as they went on in Korean.

That was fun and I really did enjoy hanging out with people that had my same standards. Relaxing in its own way and the fact that none of them were drinking was a great plus. It was great.

The real fun happened this last Wednesday though. We had that day off because it was Korea's Memorial day and I was invited by my friend to go to Namhae Beach. We visited an abandoned high school, behind the school was a bunch of rice fields! Then we walked around in some tide pool areas and then we got to the beach where I could swim and just have fun. I took a ton of pictures which I will put a few here but the rest I will post on facebook, it is just easier to upload more than one pictures.

That was the abandoned Highschool, really cool!
Berry Picking
The Rice fields

My friend wanted me to eat a bug, no worries, I refused

The tide pools
And Namhae Beach!

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