Thursday, June 14, 2012

Failed Meetings

This last weekend was another Temple trip to Seoul. I spent about 10 hours in a bus reading and preparing my lesson for sunday. I discovered that there is a distribution center next to the Temple so I was able to find young women's 'diaries' for the girls. My lesson this sunday was on personal records.

Sunday was fun because of the lesson. I taught in English and my president translated when the girls couldn't follow. I brought on of my journals to the lesson using it as an example. I thought it was a good idea until on of the girls snatched it and started reading it out loud in front of the whole class. I tried to be polite as I snatched it away, but truthfully they really couldn't understand my ravings and rantings about life so after a few more attempts on their part to steal it away, I gave up and just let them look through it. It was a good example, it had notes from other people and pressed flowers I collected over the years. I got them all to promise me to keep a journal even for just a month and I gave them the YW journals. Next lesson I am going to focus on where they are at with their Personal Progress. Lets see if we can get the ball rolling.

Besides that I had a slight fiasco with some lost communication over a single adult meeting. My friend called me about coming to a meeting but he called me as the meeting was starting.  Then after rushing to the church, I realize that the meeting was about an activity that I couldn't even attend.I also was in pants because Miguel said that it was a relaxed meeting. I just wanted to go back home and take the nap that I was deprived of but then Miguel said there was also a fireside. Irritated, short-tempered and frustrated; I declared I was going in-active for the rest of the day and I walked home. My young womens president said I had reason and she promised to punch Miguel the moment she saw him next. The rest of the day went well.

Sorry no pictures this week, but expect more next week. I am planning .... something.... this weekend. We shall see

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