Thursday, May 3, 2012


I thought I would start this weeks post with the above picture. This is one of my Ivy classes and the kid in the middle with the red shirt is actually asleep. The other kids just wanted to pose. This is right after their midterm exams. They are a bit tuckered out. I thought it was so funny I took a picture.

Besides that this week was pretty average. I am still doing hapkido in the mornings every mon, wed, and friday and I have korean lessons on mon and wed. And I'm trying to draw out a short 22 page comic book, but I lazy and get distracted easily so it is slow in coming.

One nasty thing that happened this week and I'm still dealing with it is that my water heater broke. I came home on wednesday after work and when I came into my apartment it sounded like someone was taking a shower in my bathroom. I opened the door and the bathroom felt like a sauna! Hot water was pooring out of my water heater, thankfully I figured out how to turn off the water. I am still waiting for my work to get someone to come and fix it. I wish I didn't have to rely on anyone and I could just fix it myself. Anyone know anything about water heaters?

Lets change the subject to something a little more fun. There was a sale this week at one of the department stores and one floor is 90% off, pretty good! I bought four skirts :) I bought them all by myself and used my Korean and everything. I felt very accomplished.

well everyone have a great week :)

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