Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Real Temple

Okay I realize I'm a little late in posting this, but better late then never, and technically it is still Thursday your time. This weeks big adventure was the LDS Temple! I went on Saturday and it was an intense trip. I had to meet the church members at 5:30 am, that is in the morning!!! That is really early, but I did it. I had to walk and that meant waking up around 4am, disgusting if you ask me. The bus ride was about 5 hours long to get there and I slept most of the way. Not the best sleep but when we got there I was so happy. The temple was beautiful and I got to go through two sessions. The first session I listened to the translator in English and while I was in that session I noticed that there was a French option on the translator. So the next session I did it in french, I was slightly amazed at how much I understood and was able to follow just fine. That made me very happy. After going through the Temple I sat out on the small bit of grass with my YW president and we had lunch together. After that we piled back into the bus and came home (another 5 hours). I got home around 9 and it was nice to just relax after that. When I told my friends about my quick trip to Seoul they were a bit disappointed in how long I stayed. I have no qualms with it though. The weekend of the 27th is a three day weekend and I am planning on going up to Seoul then. Anyways here are some pictures from the Seoul Temple trip:
I liked how the roof of the temple is in the traditional Korean way, with those cool tiles and everything. As for an update with my school, my director has decided to keep the hagwon open for one more session. That is about three more months, if we do not have any growth during that time she will close us down. So she has decided to have us go to a six hour workshop this saturday and I am not too happy about that but I will do my best to stay professional. That is all for now :)


  1. Wow! That looks exactly like the Taiwan temple, but it has a blue roof.

  2. ..and Portland, Chicago and Argentina too! Very nice!