Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 8: Hangzhou

We arrived so late the night before and we left so early in the morning as well we barely had the time to see the resort that we stayed in. While eating breakfast we could see black swans swimming across the lake. Tasha was able to see a little of the resort because she woke up early enough to go running. She said that the swans tried to attack her while she ran. Sounds like a normal swan.

Yeah, Tasha took the pic.

So the first thing we did was leave early from our hotel so we could get down to the lake in the center of Hangzhou. There we got on a boat to cross the lake and see the three famous pagodas that are on all their money.

 This was the boat that we took across the causeway.

 Those are the three famous pagodas
After we got off the boat we walked around the causeway for a bit and found so awesome structures and bridges!
After, the Causeway activity, we headed out to the country and visited a green tea 'factory'. The drive up to it was very beautiful, the green tea fields were everywhere and lined every hill.

 When we arrived they took us into a little room and where we were served green tea, or in our case we were given herbal tea. Basically, water with pieces of dried oranges and chamomile. They had a pretty good presentation about the qualities of green tea and all then they again tried to sell us stuff...
I don't think they were too happy with us when we refused to buy anything. But whatever.

So we finished at the Green tea place and jumped back on the bus. This time we were headed to Shanghai! It only took four hours to get there, mainly because of Sunday traffic. But a couple of us were able to get some sleep. 
 Aren't they adorable!
 Say hello to Shanghai!
So we finally arrived in Shanghai, and our new hotel is amazing! The beds are soft and they have a pool and hot tub!

We arrived pretty late so that's all for now. Till next time.

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  1. I'm so excited for your Shang Hai post! I think I know where your hotel is. I think it's by the three fat men on top of each other statue. Am I right?