Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 6: Biking and Mango Goodness!

Today was our last day in Xian, and for the last activity we got up to the top of the wall and were given the choice to just walk around it for a while or bike it. We were only given an hour to play around and my family was determined to bike the whole wall. 8 miles, and we were determined!

It was really cool cause we were cycling through the mist the whole way so the path sorta disappeared into the mist. I started out thinking that my family was ahead of me but no. I ran into a couple of our other group coming back as I hit the corner and they said they weren't ahead and that it was about time to return. So I waited for my family to catch up before deciding to continue anyways with them. And we made it the whole way around the city, we were only like fifteen minutes late.

From the wall we went to the airport and caught a plane to Shanghai! Except shanghai wasn't our true destination. We had to get on a bus and take a ride on that for another two hours. So yeah, we traveled like five hours to get to Suzhou.

When we arrived in Suzhou, we got our hotel room and were given free time to relax. And the Tanners relax by going out and having adventures. So we were kinda hungry too, so we went to the surrounding lake area and found a restaurant there.
 This was the lobby of our Hotel
 Walking in the lake area

So for dinner we found this one little restaurant that looked like it had some pretty good food and it did. But then we tried the dessert... Oh my gosh!!!! So tasty.

It was shaved ice with mango syrup and chunks of mango on it. Soooo good! We also had some carmel custard in a squash which was good but compared to the mango. Wow! If you ever get over to Suzhou, go to DainTi hill and get their mango Dessert.

That's all for now, adventure is out there!

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