Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 4: Xian!

We left Beijing that morning and actually had to get on a plane to fly to Xian. Apparently, China is huge or something.

Goodbye Beijing!!!

The flight only took about two hours, I think I slept through it. Not sure cause I don't remember.

We met our new tour guide, Sam. He wasn't as good as Jing; but the first place we went to was an old buddhist pagoda. It no longer is used mainly because it was caving in on itself. 
 It used to be used as a storing place for Buddhas from all over the world
 Chinese New Year, there were lamps everywhere
And there were a bunch of local artists showing off their art.

But my favorite part of the visit was at the store, there was a lady who was writing our names in Chinese for free:

Dad looks so happy :)

After the pagoda, we had dinner which was so good! There was this cilantro soup and many other tasty treats. Afterwards, Sam brought us to the hotel. Quick note about the hotels from now till Shanghai. The beds are as hard as rock. I think they just used the box-springs and forgot the mattresses.
Well, the night was still young and on the way to the hotel we saw the city wall was all lit up. So we just had to go out and explore! There was a group of four girls that came along with us too!

 We had to walk a bit but we got to on of the towers.
 It's so Pretty, and there was a park to the side of it where there was a bunch of old ladies doing line dancing. Tasha and a few of the girls that came with us joined in.
 So, I had to put this picture in, mainly because in China pedestrians don't have the right of way and the drivers are crazy! The four girls in the background are the ones that came with us and they were screaming the whole way across. Also side note, while waiting on the next corner to cross a bus totally T-boned a car right in front of us. 0_0
 As we tried to find a sign that had the city name on it, we discovered many other fun areas, like this Happy New Year letters out in the middle of a square.
And along the moat area there was the whole phases of the moon hanging out.

It was really fun exploring Xian! And tomorrow is another life goal accomplishing day. Till tomorrow!

Adventure is out there!!!

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  1. That's awesome! I don't think I've ever been to Xi An. Where's your name written in Chinese? I want to see that!