Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentines is for the Boys

Well, happy valentines day everyone... okay a week late but hey last week I had to focus on Lunar new year so yeah, now I will talk about Valentines Day and this last weekend.... of 'last's.

First off, I just want to point out the difference between the Valentines here and the Valentines in the States. Most of us knows how Valentines is in the states so I am not going to go into that but here in Korealand, this holiday is strictly where the girls get gifts for the guys. The guys will give the gifts to the girls on what is called White Day and that isn't until middle of March. So I spent most of my Valentines day saying 'Happy Valentines Day' promptly responded by all my boy students asking for something and the girls looking down or away. It was interesting.

Okay lets jump to this weekend. Actually there isn't that much to share. I started out the day by helping my friend Jackie put on a play writing competition. The place we were at had a mirror on the ceiling so I had some fun just taking pictures:

Then after I said by to my friend I went to my very last Young Women's Activity in South Korea. The girls had come early and tried to prepare some macaroon for me. They failed at it but it was a great surprise and it was fun spending time with them as well.

 Some of the girls didn't want their pictures taken but I got them eventually. Here is Eunmi and Sojung.

Here is Youjung, Jungin, and Migine

Then On Sunday I went over to Jinju to my favorite Tea shop and had the most amazing Plum Tea and said goodbye to Jinju. It was a fun place and it harbored one of the most amazing friends I had here in Korea.

Only one more Weekend of Korea then I will be adventuring in Japan with my Amazing Sister.
Ha, one more week!

Adventure is out there.

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