Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Post from Korealand

 So here is the last post from Korealand, my last adventure in the great and shallow location of ... South Korea. 
So what did I do for my last big adventure in Korea? Well, I first met up with my friend Jackie and headed to my favorite City of Busan. 

We ate lunch at the Wolf hound and after our tummies were full and happy we ventured to see the beach for one last time. Haeundae, you amazing beach you! Fireworks, failed attempts at wind surfing, mass of crowds, seashell searching, bloody cotton candy, the memories are endless...
 Also, on the beach there was a guy making my favorite kind of candy : dalgona
You can see it below: It tastes like burnt/caramelized marshmallows
 We then got to the Costco, I wanted to see the difference between the one in the states and the one in Korea. So can you see the difference?
 I think the only thing I really noticed was that everyone was Korean and the products have been asianified. But Kirkland still exists. The other main difference was the prices were doubled as well.
 But they still did have samples and the food was kinda the same. I got the very berry smoothie to see if it was different and discovered that it was. After the first gulp I realized that it was overly sweetened to the point that I couldn't finish the thing. It was nasty, oh well I'll get the real thing soon.

Then on the way home we ran into a K-pop group dancing in the Subway system. Yeah, for K-pop, one thing I will not miss at all.

(Visitor, Eunmi, Sojeung, Youjeung, Me, Jungin, Sister Kim)
 This sunday I had a few parties to get to. At church, I said goodbye to my YW group, and I got them a gift to say goodbye. It was a good thing too cause no one had prepared a lesson for that day and because I am a genious I gave them a gift that could easily be turned into a lesson. I got them these phone medallions that were the colors of the YW values. Each medallion represented a different value. So we spent the hour looking up the scriptures that corresponded with the value and then discussed how the value was important to us. It worked out really well. 
Also, I was asked to give my testimony, but when they asked me to do it they told me it had to be five to seven minutes long, I about died! That wasn't a testimony that is a talk! It was okay though because I shared the story of how I received my testimony and I ended up talking for about fifteen minutes, it took longer than normal because of the translation took a little while.
(Beomin, Lulu, Veronique, Migine, Me)
After church, the ward all ate together. We ate purple rice and peanuts, supposedly by eating peanuts you are scaring away evil spirits. I tried to get the reason why but no one knew. 

Then after the ward meal, I went to Veronique's place and spent the whole day there, helping out and playing with the kids. I am going to miss that family sooooooooo much. That family is amazing!

I said goodbye, as I ran to the bus and all I wanted to do as I returned home was cry. 

Well I am packed and ready to go, I have transferred some of my money to Japanese Yen and I am super excited to see my sister. And play in Japan. It will take a couple weeks to share about that adventure but don't worry it will come.

Adventure is out there!

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