Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day 7: Goodbye New Zealand and Hello Fiji!

  Alright so today was the day we left new Zealand, it being a Sunday we went to church. The service went a little long so we had to sneak out to go catch our plane flight. But they were having a stake conference, so the choir was wearing matching outfits with flowers. Absolutely beautiful!
Anyways, we sneak out and then drive to where we can drop off our rental, found the right place and caught the shuttle to the airport. The plane was only a three-hour flight to Fiji where we will be for a couple of days. We get to Fiji a little late but we decide to take a quick walk around the hotel.

Well that wasn't the greatest idea, our moods were not in the best of shape from all the travel and I'm pretty sure all the bugs were out cause they were biting. We went back to the hotel and stayed there for dinner. Tasha and shared a dish of Malu which was a white meat fish, it was very tasty.
This is the green hills of New Zealand

But as we were sitting there I noticed that a very particular insect was flying about.... it was cockroaches.... they have flying roaches in this country....ew

 Above is Fiji (compared to New Zealand's green-ness)

In any case, after we had our lovely dinner, our moods were still pretty sour so we decided to go to the pool area and check it out hopefully swim a bit. Well we got there and the water was just a bit cold. So we just dipped our feet and watched the cane toads eat crickets.

Our rooms were actually quite nice, we were welcomed with a red island flower on our beds. They also had air-conditioning which is a must cause it was night and already hot humid weather. Well, we are finally in the island I guess. Now Tasha can use the rest of her clothes she brought :)


  1. hey its Winston here (McCarthy) I'm so gutted I didn't know you were coming down, could've shown you around. Looks like you had a good time though, hope you're well.

    1. I didn't realize you were there either! It would have been fun to hang out. Sad; well, the next time I'm there we should!