Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 6: Rugby and Cathedral cove

So originally we were going to go ocean kayaking in the morning to a secluded beach but we woke up with a torrential downpour; with possible lightning. So that was out of the question. So instead we went shopping in downtown Corramandal, we were able to find a lot of good souvenirs and as it being the top of the list of souvenirs to bring back we got possum boob warmers.... yeah as a joke or white elephant thing.
Then the rain let up and we decided to be a little adventurous. We went on a thirty minute hike to Cathedral Cove. This is where they filmed Prince Caspion amoung other films. The hike was great cause we got to see the coastline and sea. Also along the trail we ran into a ton of Silver ferns which can only be found in New Zealand. 

They were really fun to find amoung the other ferns. We arrived at the beach and it was so picturesque, the was a waterfall on one side of the beach area and the other had well this:

we were able to find real manuka plant and it as in bloom!

It was beautiful out, we were so lucky! We then drove over to craft world which is a place where you can find crafts done by new Zealanders. The problem is the GPS was a little out of date. We went first to where we thought Craftworld was supposed to be but it turns out that it had moved to a new location five years previous. We laughed about it later..... anyways we finally found the place and got to look at some fun crafts and pieces of art.

Then we made the trip back to Auckland, still a little car sick but I fell asleep and so was knocked out for most of the way.

We arrived back in Auckland ok and found our hotel again, and then walked to the arena where we got to go to a real Rugby Game!
Before the match started we had thai food and while we ate it started to rain again, but right before we were done eating it stopped. Rain here is crazy, oh well on to the match. The Blues vs the Crusaders. I honestly can't remember who won but it was fun watching the game not completely understanding what is going on but still enjoying it. Each time the Blues scored they had a fanfare and fire explosions and people of course would go crazy waving flags and screaming. Also the players weren't that bad to look at, I can do without the bloody noses but it didn't seem to phase them.

After the match, I snatched a couple of flags off the ground, yay free souvenirs! Then we jumped on the train back to our motel...except the train didn't stop at our stop but went all the way to terminus, so we had to jump onto another train to go back a stop. A bit annoying but we survived. I actually enjoyed seeing their side of public transportation and we were able to find our motel just fine.
Another good day!!!

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